1. Barren County Cemetery Records
  2. Barren County Cemetery Records and Green, Charlie A. Death Cert.
  3. Barren County Cemetery Records and Green, Mollie W. Obit.
  4. Kentucky Death Index
  5. Bryant, Annie and Runyon, Anna Ruth Obit
  6. Keys, Oleda Obit
  7. KY Birth Index
  8. KY Birth Index
  9. Clark, John WIll Obit and Colter, Debbie
  10. Clark, John WIll Obit and Mullins, Angela
  11. Clark, John WIll Obit, Colter, Debbie and Mullins, Angela
  12. Runyon, Anna Ruth Obit
  13. KY Death Index and Jaggers Family Tree
  14. Runyon, Anna Ruth, Kenneth Turner Obits & Runyon/Green Marriage Bond
  15. Runyon, Kennety Obit
  16. Runyon/Green Marriage Bond
  17. Colter, Debbie
  18. KYDI
  19. Dugard, Joe T. Obit
  20. SSDI
  21. SSI Index
  22. 1920 Census and Gravestone
  23. 1920 Census, and Moore, Doug
  24. MWood-CGreen Marriage Bond
  25. Gravestone & KY Birth Index for Children, [Book]
  26. Gravestone and Green, Mary Emma Obit
  27. Obituary
  28. Green, Carroll Wayne Obit
  29. Green, Charlie A. and Luther E. Death Certs
  30. Green, Charlie A. Death Cert.
  31. Green, Covella Obit
  32. Green, Luther and Mollie Obit
  33. Green, Luther E. Death Cert
  34. Green, Luther E. Death Cert and Barren Co., Cemetery Records
  35. Green, Luther Obit
  36. Green, Luther Obit and KY Death Index
  37. Green, Minnie A. Death Cert
  38. Green, Stanley Obit.
  39. Green, Stanley Obit. & KY Birth Index
  40. Green, Stanley Obit. and Gravestone
  41. Green, William E. and Stanley Morris Obits and Gravestone
  42. Green, William E. Jr and Dugard, Oleda Marr. Bond & KY Birth Index
  43. Other Researcher

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