Onie O'Banion Kidd was married to Wilburn Louis Kidd (or may be Louis Wilburn Kidd, still researching).  She was the mother the the Baptist minister Coy Kidd.  She is buried in a small cemetery on the Everett Hensley farm between Monroe & Defries called the Bunnell Cemetery.  I went there & it is all growed up so much you can't find the graves.  My grandfather's parents (Onie's parents) George Washington O'Banion & Dallas Conyers O'Banion are also buried there.     Onie O'Banion Kidd was the sister to my Dad's father, Ethriedge C O'Banion.  When she died, Coy Kidd was just a young boy & my O'Banion grandparents help raise him.  I remember him. - Sandra Kay O'Banion