Daniel Jasper Daniel
born March 03, 1849 in Johnson
Co., Ky the son of the late Isom Daniel and Eleanor
Jayne died Oct. 03, 1936 in Ashland, Boyd Co., Ky.
Daughter Geneva B. Daniel peceeded him in death Nov. 03, 1911.
He is survive by his widow Rebecca Stapleton Daniel, five sons,
Monroe Daniel,Leo F. Daniel,Horatio Daniel,Arby J. Daniel
and Albert Mason Daniel. Two daughters, Birdie Etta Stapleton
of Beaver,Ohio and Rosa Gambill of Johnson Co.,Ky.

From the memorial record the following family and friends
were in attendance:

Mr. and Mrs. Spangle and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stambaugh
Walter Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Farris Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Fairchild
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Herald
Janice Mae Morris
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Morris
Mrs. L. Turner
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Daniel
Bud Daniel
Mrs. Walter Spradlin
Mrs. G. J. Greene
Lucille Greene
Gladys Greene
Mary Edith Fairchild
Beatrice Wheeler
Irene Spradlin
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Daniel
Mrs. J. M. Pennington
Mrs. Dennis LeMaster
Katheryn LeMaster Burke
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson R. Stapleton
Mrs. D. B. Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Slone
Fred Murray Jr.
Nelli Litteral
Bessie Borders
Estal Broders

Mr. and Mrs. Syrus Murray

David K. Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Fairchild
Mrs. C. R. Tucker
Ruthie Rice
Leonard Daniel
Irene Davis
Mrs. F.F. McNeely
Mrs. Eunice Lowry
Arbie Wheeler
Mrs. Alvin Powell
Franklin F. Wheeler
Mrs. Henson
Mr. and Mrs. John Evans
Eda Williams
Mrs. Chutie Adams
Alva E. Bash
Edna Francis Busch
Helen L. Busch
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bartholemew
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Fitch
R. M. Rice
Eva Rice
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Daniel
Mrs. J. A. Perry
Mrs. J. H. Stafford
H. G. Lyon
Mrs. Julia Cordial
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Daniel
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Daniel
Mrs. Harry Nichols


Flowers were sent by the following:
Mrs. Ethel Fields
Sam Cox
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Fitch
Mrs. Leona Ramey
Mrs. A. H. Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Edgell Fairchild
Ray and Eula H. Daniels