1714 Johannes Hoffman ll (1692-1772), a 24 year old bachelor, immigrates to America from his home in Eisern, Germany, and settles in what is now known as Orange County, Virginia as a member of the First Germanna Colony.

1743 Johannes Henrich (Henry) Hoffman (1708-1765), a younger brother to the 1714 immigrant, Johannes Hoffman ll, leaves Eisern, Germany with his family and settles on a farm next to his brother in Culpeper County, Virginia.

1788 Dietrick “Teter” Huffman (1755-1835), the youngest son of Henry, and the first of the brothers to leave Virginia, crosses through the Cumberland Gap with his family and settles in Mercer County, Kentucky.

1797 Ambrose Huffman (1753-1849), the Revolutionary soldier and son of Henry, moves his family from Culpeper County, Virginia to what is now Barren County, Kentucky and settles his land grant.

1803 Henry Huffman, Jr. (1748-1835), the eldest son of Henry, follows his brother, Ambrose, to Kentucky and settles near him in the Nobob area of Barren County.

1804 Teter Huffman, after living nearly sixteen years in Mercer County, moves his family to Barren County, Kentucky, joining his two brothers.

1814 Armstead Huffman (1785-1857), the eldest son of Ambrose, takes his wife and children to Preble County, Ohio and settles on land near his grandfather, John Railsback. His younger brother, Allen Huffman (1789- 1871) accompanies him.

1820 Ezekiel Huffman (1782-1868), the eldest son of Teter, leaves Cumberland County, Kentucky with his family and heads further west into Missouri finally settling in Clay County.

1847 Jesse George Huffman (1812-1893), the eldest son of Ezekiel and grandson of Teter, departs Clay County, Missouri by wagon train and takes the Oregon Trail westward to Oregon where he settles in Marion County.

1861 John Hayden Huffman (1837-1932), son of Thomas Huffman and grandson of Henry Jr., leaves Barren County for Warrick County, Indiana, where he will marry and raise a family.

Abt. 1871 William R. Huffman (1847-1933), the eldest son of Sinclair Anderson Huffman and the great-grandson of Henry, Jr., settles in Bee Spring, Edmonson County, Kentucky.


Abt. 1881 Travis Teter Huffman (1855-1937), the second son of Sinclair Anderson Huffman, leaves Barren County and settles in Grayson County, Kentucky.

1880’s Lewis M. Huffman (1832-1925), son of Julius Huffman and grandson of Teter, moves with his family from Hart County, Kentucky to Merkel, Taylor County, Texas.

Abt. 1900 George W. Huffman (1859-1929), son of Uriah Taylor Huffman and grand- son of Teter, Moves his family from Barren County, Kentucky to Springfield, Illinois and eventually to Hoopeston, Illinois.

1906 Samuel Grant Huffman (1863-1944), a son of William Ellison Huffman and great-grandson of Henry, Jr., moves his family to Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois.