Much of the data used in research for this manuscript was gleaned over the years from all the usual places that genealogists tend to frequent, i.e., county courthouses, county libraries, local historical societies, numerous family graveyards, various state archives as well as the National Archives in Washington D.C., the Kentucky History Center located in Frankfort, Kentucky, the Filson Club, the Louisville Public Library, and the Western Kentucky University Library in Bowling Green, Kentucky. These facilities all do a wonderful service in providing data on marriages, births, land transactions, Wills, bible records, U.S.Census reports, obituaries, etc. However, here are some publications that the authors want to single out and recommend for the special help that they provided.

Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia 1714-1750, by B.C. Holtzclaw, Germanna Record No. 5, Memorial Foundation of Germanna Colonies in Virginia, 1964.

John Hoffman – 1714 Germanna Colonist, the Germanna Record No. 3, Memorial Foundation of Germanna Colonies in Virginia, April 1963.

Germanna, Outpost of Adventure 1714-1956, by John W. Wayland, Germanna Record No. 7, Memorial Foundation of Germanna Colonies in Virginia, reprinted January 1989.

Beyond Germanna, a Newsletter/Journal of Genealogy and History, by John Blankenbaker, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Historical Trip Through Barren County, Kentucky, by Clayton C. Simmons, The Glasgow Times, 19401948.

Times of Long Ago, Barren County, Kentucky, by Franklin F. Gorin, 1929.

Kentucky History, Cyrus Edward’s Stories of Early Days in What is Now Barren, Hart, and Metcalfe Counties in Kentucky, 1940.

Barren County Cemetery Records, edited by Brice Leech and Kenneth Beard, 1992.

History of Preble County, Ohio, published by H.Z. Williams Brothers, 1881.

Kentucky Ancestry, by Roseann Reinemuth Hogan, Ancestry, 1992.

Virginia Soldiers of 1776, Volume 1, by Burgess, Richmond Virginia Press, 1927.

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky; The Civil War, 1861-1865, Published by McDowell Publications, Utica, Kentucky, 1988.