Dickinson Family of Barren
and Surrounding Counties, Kentucky
Newspaper Articles
Apr 1917
Dickinson Brothers Motors - Car Sales
Dickinson Brothers Motors - Showing New Cars
Nov 1934
Dickinson, W. R. - Dickinson Motor Co./Buick
Dec 1934
Dickinson, Alexander - Insurance
Nov 1934
Dickinson, Brents Jr. - Mammoth Cave Production Credit Assn.
Oct 1934

Ganter, George L. - Move office

Dec 1934
Ganter, Lavece - Football Banquet
Feb 1934
Glasgow High Play - The 13th Day
Dec 1934
Glasgow High Football Banquet
  Dickinson, Brents Jr.
  Dickenson, Haiden
  Dickinson, T. P.


The Dickinson's of Glasgow Kentucky published by Wind Publication and edited by LaVece Ganter Hughes

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