Pollard Family

Motto on the Coat of Arms

Vincit, Amor, Patria

John Pollard
Robert Pollard I
Robert Pollard II
Joseph Pollard
Frances Pollard Rogers
Edmund Rogers
John Thomas Rogers
Joseph Underwood Rogers
Lelia Rogers Dickinson

John Pollard

John Pollard was a colonist and arrived in Virginia in 1642.

Robert Pollard I

There is a family record of Robert I who received an assignment of a land warrant from Edgar Conway of Lancaster County, Virginia, on January 8, 1656.

Robert Pollard II

Robert Pollard II was from Bennington, Virginia and had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

1. Joseph Pollard b. 1701; m. 1724 Priscilla Hoomes at King and Queen County, VA; Priscilla was born at “Old Mansion” in Caroline County, VA in 1704 and died in 1795. 8 children:

The “Old Mansion” in Caroline County, VA was built by the Hoomes ancestor who immigrated to America, and it was built of brick brought from England. It was still standing in 1927 and was the oldest house in Caroline County, VA.

Joseph Pollard
and his wife, Priscilla Hoomes Pollard, both lived to be over 90 years old, and lived as man and wife for over 70 years. They moved to Goochland about 1754 where Joseph Pollard died and his will is recorded.

1. Sara Pollard b. May 4, 1726; m. January 20, 1745 Judge Edmund Pendleton of Caroline County, VA; no children;
2. Frances Pollard b. March 17, 1730, d. March 30, 1795; m. December 16, 1754 George Rogers b. June 11, 1721, d. March 13, 1802.
3. Elizabeth Pollard, b. October 1736, m. September 6, 1760 James Merriwether; 2 sons and? daughters;
4. Thomas Pollard, b. September 30, 1741, m. January 15, 1763 Sally Harding; Thomas and Sally settled in Fairfax County, VA; Thomas was one of the wardens of Po ____ Church. George Washington was senior warden of the church at the
same time. Thomas Pollard moved to KY late in his life. 4 sons and 6 daughters; Joseph m. a Houston; Thomas, Robert, Benjamin, Fanny, Sally, Priscilla, Mildred, Elizabeth, Jane.
5. Jane Pollard b. May 25, 1744, m.#1 August 2, 1779 Col. Nathaniel W. Dandridge; m.#2 Thomas Underwood, father of John Underwood who married Frances Rogers, daughter of George Rogers and France Pollard Rogers. No children.
6. Mildred Pollard b. May 12, 1747, m. August 20, 1764 Col. Edmund Pendleton, nephew of Judge Edmund Pendleton I, the jurist and husband of Sara Pollard, Mildred’s oldest sister. 2 sons and 5 daughters; a son, Colonel Edmund Pendleton III married Jane Burwell Page, daughter of John Byrd Page and lived in Edmunton in Caroline County, VA, given to him by his great uncle, Edmund Pendleton I
7. William Pollard m. Mary Anderson of Hanover County. 5 sons and 5 daughters: William, Robert, Benjamin, Joseph, and Thomas; Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, Mildred and Susan;
8. Ann Pollard b. September 22, 1732, m. James Taylor


Frances Pollard b. March 1730, d. 1798; m. December 16, 1754

m. George Rogers b. June 11, 1721, d. March 13, 1802. They lived at “Mount Air”, Caroline and Spotsylvania County, VA. George Rogers was the 3rd son of John Rogers and Mary Byrd Rogers and uncle of General George Rogers Clark, who was named for George Rogers, his mother’s brother. Frances and George Rogers had 10 children, nine who lived to maturity.

1 Joseph

2 John

3 Edmund

4 William died in infancy

5 Ann

6 Frances

7 Thomas

8 Lucy

9 Mary

10 Mildred

Edmund Rogers m. Mary Shirley

John Thomas Rogers m. Olivia Lewis

Joseph Underwood Rogers m. Kate Trabue

Lelia Rogers m. Bartlett Graves Dickinson