Cosby Family

John Cosby
John Cosby
Ann Cosby Dickinson
Ann Dickinson Tompkins
Martha Tompkins Anderson
Henry Tompkins Anderson
Lelia Anderson Trabue
Kate Buckner Trabue Rogers
Lelia Rogers Dickinson

John Cosby m. Sarah

John Cosby b. 1675 New Kent County, VA; d. 1761 Louisa County, VA, will dated September 12, 1760; m. Martha Garland b. 1690, New Kent County, VA, d. 1749 Louisa County, VA, daughter of Martha Jane Hensley and Edward Garland, Sr ; 7 children

  1. William Cosby b. 1713 Hanover County, VA;
  2. John Cosby b. 1711 Hanover County, VA, d. 1785 Louisa County, VA, m. Mary Wingfield;
  3. Mary Cosby b. 1716 New Kent County, VA, m. Bartlett Anderson, Sr.
  4. James Cosby b. 1715 New Kent County, VA;
  5. Ann Cosby
  6. Amy Cosby (Amediah) m. Cleavers C. Duke
  7. Elizabeth Cosby m. Mr. Snelson

Will of John Cosby

Bk. C. p.? Grantor: John Cosby, Date: 26 May 1761 John Cosby of Louisa County, Last Will and Testament:

To son, John Cosby, 19 slaves and increase; …;to my son William Cosby 22 slaves and increase; to daughter Elizabeth Snelson 8 slaves…; to granddaughter Mary Anderson, wife of Benjamin Anderson 2 slaves…; to grandson James Duke, 1 Negro; to Grandson Cosby Duke, 1 Negro; to grandson James Duke 1 Negro; to Grandson Cosby Duke 1 Negro; to grandson James Cosby son of

James Cosby, 1 Negro; to son John Cosby, all my land in Hanover County, being two plantations containing about 718 acres; to my son William Cosby 1200 acres to be laid off out of my tract of land in Louisa, where I possess about 3,000 acres, the same 1200 acres is to be laid off where William now lives and where the quarter is that is called Old Wills Quarter. The remainder of the above tract of 3,000 acres in Louisa after the 1200 is laid off for son William, the remainder1800 acres to my two grandsons Charles Dickenson and Higgason Dickenson, sons of Griffith Dickenson to be equally divided between them. To son John Cosby all my personal estate that lies in Hanover County. To son William Cosby, all my person estate that lies in Louisa County. To my daughter Elizabeth Snelson 1 Negro. Appoint two friends Clevers Duke and Bartetot Andersons, executors, 12 Sep 1760. Signed John Cosby with Nathl Talley, Israel Hood, Garland Anderson. Rec. 26 May 1761 proved by oaths of all the witnesses.

Ann Cosby b. 1718-20;

m. Griffin Dickinson b. 1715, d. 1786 Louisa County, VA;

Ann Dickinson b. 1735 d 1819;

m. Robert Tompkins b. about 1730, d. Carolina Co. VA. 1795-1796;

Martha Tompkins

m. John Burbridge Anderson

Henry Tompkins Anderson

m. Jane Buckner

Lelia Anderson

m. Benjamin Franklin Trabue

Kate Buckner Trabue

m. Joseph Underwood Rogers

Lelia Rogers

m. Bartlett Graves Dickinson