Cocke Family (16)

Richard Cocke
Thomas Cocke
Captain James Cocke
Sarah Cocke Lewis
Joseph Lewis, Jr.
John Lewis
Olivia Lewis Rogers
Joseph Underwood Rogers
Lelia Rogers Dickinson

Richard Cocke

1600 Leeds, Yorkshire, England; Baptized September 5, 1602; Emigrated prior to 1636 and settled in Henrico County, VA; Representative to the House of Burgesses in 1644-1654; d. 1665; m. Mary Ashton, daughter of Colonel Walter Ashton; 4 children;

  1. Thomas Cocke
  2. Richard Cocke b. December 10, 1639 Henrico County, VA; d. November 20, 1706 Henrico County, VA; m. Elizabeth;
  3. John Cocke
  4. Will Cocke

Of the English ancestry of Richard Cocke (circa 1600-1665) and Francis Epped (died ante 1655) nothing definite is known. A number of notes on various branches of the Cocke family in England may be found in VA Magazine, etc. Vol.II, p.283 and Vol. V, p.304, et seq. though they contain nothing definite as to the parentage of Richard Cocke of VA.

However, from their first appearances in the colony, which was quite early, they both occupied a very solid position. Richard Cocke was several times a member of the House of Burgesses and county lieutentant of Henrico. Richard Cocke amassed considerable means for the times in which he lived, but just what were his other occupations, besides planting and politics, is not now known. His sons and grandsons, at one time or another, occupied nearly every office of dignity and profit in Henrico County, and as the years went by and other parts of the colony were settled and developed, we find later generations of this family occupying the foremost positions. (71)

Thomas Cocke

b. 1638 Henrico County, VA; d.1696 Malvern Hills, Henrico County, VA; m. Mary Brazier (Brassieur), daughter of Mary Pitt and John Brassieur; 6 children;

  1. Captain James Cooke
  2. Captain Brazure Cocke b. Henrico County, VA; d. Brunswick County, VA; m. Frances
  3. Thomas Cocke, Jr.
  4. Mary Cocke, m. William Finney
  5. Elizabeth Cocke
  6. Stephen Cocke

Captain James Cocke

James Cocke was a member of the House of Burgess 1696, and Clerk of Henrico County in 1707;, Colonists from Norwick, England to Henrico County Virginia in 1636. Joseph’s father, John Pleasants was a Quaker. m. January 11. 1691 Elizabeth Pleasants, daughter of Elizabeth Woodson and Joseph Pleasants

1. Sarah Cocke m. December 15, 1788, Joseph Lewis, Sr and died in 1792;

Joseph Lewis, Jr. m. Ann Porter Sampson

John Lewis m. Eliza Marts Reid

Olivia Lewis m. John Thomas Rogers

Joseph Underwood Rogers m. Kate Trabue

Lelia Rogers m. Bartlett Graves Dickinson