The following is a chart created by Robert Worley Dickinson to explain
how the Dickinsons are kin to both, Meriwether Lewis and William
Clark, explorers of the western United States in 1804.
John Rogers 1609-1680
m. Lucy Iverson
1 child
Giles Rogers 1645-1730
m. Rachael Eastham
6 children
John Rogers 1680-1762
m. Mary Byrd
9 children

Ann Rogers 1728-1798
m. John Clark
10 children
George Rogers 1720-1802
m. Frances H. Pollard
9 children

William Clark 1770-1838
m. Julia Hancock (1808);
m Harriet Redford Pollard 1821
William Clark was 1st
cousin, 5 times removed, to
Robert Worley Dickinson

Edmund P. Rogers 1762-1842
m. Mary Shirley
8 childrenJohn Thomas Rogers 1814-1881
m. Olivia T. Lewis
10 children




John Lewis I, 1639-1689
m. Isabella Miller
15 children
William Lewis 1670-1706
m. Elizabeth Woodson
4 children
John Lewis II 1669-1725
m. Elizabeth Warner
16 children
Joseph Lewis Sr. 1707-1783
m. Elizabeth (Mrs. Jos.Lewis)
7 children
Robert Lewis 1704-1765
m. Jane Meriwether
11 children
Joseph Lewis Jr. 1730-1811
m. Anne Porter
9 children
William Lewis 1735-1781
m. Lucy Meriwether
3 children

John Lewis 1793-1877
m. Eliza Martz Reid (Reed)
2 childrenOlivia T. Lewis 1822-1903
m. John Thomas Rogers
10 childrenJoseph H. Rogers 1854-1936
m. Kate Buckner TrabueLelia Rogers 1899-1951
m. Bartlett Graves Dickinson

Meriwether Lewis
Not married.
Robert W. Dickinson’s
3rd Cousin 5 times