The Buford Family (49)

(Buford, Beauford, Beaufort)

Richard Beaufort
John Beauford
Thomas Beauford, Sr.
Thomas Buford, Jr.
John Beauford
Simeon Buford
Elizabeth Buford Trabue
Benjamin Frankin Trabue
Kate Buckner Trabue Rogers
Lelia Rogers Dickinson

Richard Beaufort,

b. 1617 Dutton, Essex County, England; m. Dora Bause Vaux Vause, daughter of John Bause; The first generation of Bufords in America was Richard Beaufort, who immigrated to America, August 1, 1635. He came over from Gravesend, England, in the ship, “Elizabeth”. He was examined by a minister of the Church of England as to loyalty to the King, and took prescribed oath of allegiance, at age eighteen, see “Hotten’s Lists”.

John Beaufort,

b. 1642, Lancaster, County VA, d. April 18, 1772 Lancaster County, VA; m. April 11, 162, Middlesex County, VA, Elizabeth Parrott, daughter of Margaret Haywood and Judge Richard Parrott. The sixth entrée on the register of Christ Church Middlesex County, 1655-1812 is the marriage of John Beauford and Elizabeth Parrot, April 11, 1662

  1. Thomas Beaufort Sr., b. 1663, m. Mary
  2. Ambrose Beaufort, b. 1665
  3. Susannah Beaufort, b. 1667
  4. Elizabeth Beaufort, b. 1669


Thomas Beauford, Sr., 1663, Lancaster County, VA, d. December 9, 1718, Lancaster County, VA; m. 1681 Mary Early, d. December 29, 1720;

1. Thomas Beauford, Jr. b. May 21, 1682 Lancaster County, VA,

d. July 7, 1762 Middlesex, VA;
m 1704 Elizabeth Johnson Lee, b. 1688 VA, d. 1774 VA:

1) Agatha Buford, b. August 13, 1705, m. July 16, 1724, Mr. Lee; m #2 George Twyman, July 16, 1724; m #3 John Warwick March 8, 1735;

2) John Buford, b. September 1,1701 Lancaster County, VA; m. 1735 Judieth Phillippe Early

3) Elizabeth Buford b. 1709, m. October 16, 1728, Jeremiah Early, Sr. b. December, 1705 Middlesex County, VA; d. February 19, 1787 Orange County, VA;

4) Sarah Buford, b. April 6, 1712, Lancaster County, VA;

m. Mr. Wisdom; 5) Mary Buford, m. George Lee, December 4, 1737,

Middlesex County, VA 6) Ann Buford, b. August 10, 1718 Lancaster County, VA;

m. Thomas Duckworth;


2. Henry Buford b. 1684; (13)
3. Mary Buford b. March 18, 1688(13)




John Beauford, b. September 1, 1701 Lancaster County, VA; m. 1735 Judieth Phillippe Early, daughter of Thomas Early,b.about 1718 Culpepper County, VA; John and Judieth Beauford moved to Culpepper County, VA soon after they were married. They emigrated with his brother-in-law, Jeremiah Early, and the Kirtleys, the Blackburns, the Lewises and the Bohannons. John Beauford became one of the largest landowners in Culpepper County, VA. (49)

  1. William M. Buford, b. 1745 Culpepper County, VA; enlisted in Revolutionary War December 15, 1776; m. Mary Welsh, December 15, 1770;
  2. James Buford
    1. Henry Buford, b. September 19, 1751 Culpepper County VA,
    2. d. Bedford County VA: Captain in Revolutionary War; m. Mildred Blackburn, March 22, 1771;
  3. Abraham Buford, Emigrated to near Georgetown in 1792; m. Martha McDowell;
  4. Simeon Buford, b. 1756 Culpepper County, VA; m. 1777 Margaret Kirtley

6. (John) Thomas Buford b. 1736, (13)

m. Ann Watts 1756;

  1. Ann Buford b. 1738
  2. Elizabeth Buford b. 1742
  3. Mary Buford b. 1753
  4. Francis Buford b. 1754

Simeon Buford, b. 1756 Culpepper County, VA; d. 1840 Beaver Creek, Glasgow, KY; Emigrated to Barren County, KY about 1789; served in Revolutionary War, 11 months as Private, 8 months as Ensign; m. 1777 Margaret Kirtley;

Simeon Buford was given a military warrant grant to “a certain tract or parcel of land containing one thousand acres by survey bearing date of the twenty-third of April, one thousand seven hundred ninety two… on Skaggs Creek… Signed by Isaac Shelby, Governor of Kentucky, December 6, 1794.

When Simeon was 18, in Culpeper, VA, he had enlisted as a minuteman in a company commanded by this older brother, Abraham Buford. He accompanied the regiment toward Williamsburg, VA, where it joined forces with another group of soldiers. Their plan was to force the Royal Governor, the Lord of Dunmore, to flee Virginia for his offshore ships.

In the fighting off of Dunmore, Simeon Buford served at Hampton,, Burrett’s Ferry, and Jamestown, VA. On Dec. 9, 1775, the Battle of Great Bridge of the Americans, including the Culpeper companies, routed Dunmore’s “Red Coats and Tories” out of Virginia and back to his ship, Roebuck.

Simeon and his wife had two sons, John and William, during his service as a private, and he also fought at Fredrick, MD. His second son was born while he fought the campaign that led to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, 1781. Six of the couples’ 10 children were born in Barren County.

From March to October 1781, Simeon Buford served first as an ensign (second lieutenant) in Capt.Elijah Kirtley’s company. He then served as quartermaster for General Lafayette before returning to his company. When Kirtley became ill that summer, Simeon Buford was commissioned captain of the company and commanded it to the end of the Yorktown campaign.

Simeon Buford came to Kentucky in 1789 with his wife and their four children. They settled on the banks of Beaver Creek. Simeon Buford went on to represent Barren and Warren counties in the Kentucky State Legislature from 1801 to 1803. Documentation of his Revolutionary War Service and his pension applications are in the National Achieves. (70)

Simeon Buford; m. 1777 Margaret Kirtley;

1. Elizabeth Buford, b. December 8, 1794 Woodford County, KY; d. August 30, 1869;

m. # 1 February 22, 1820 John Chambers;
m. # 2 George Washington Trabue;
  1. William Buford, b. August 22, 1781, d. August 18, 1848; m. 1801 Barren County, KY, Frances Walker Kirtley, b. 1787 Rockingham County KY; emigrated to Woodford County, KY 1805;
  2. John Buford, b. July 29, 1778, d. 1849 Rock Island, IL; m. September 1, 1798 Nance Hickman; m. #2 January 4, 1825 Anne Bannister Watson;
  3. Simeon Buford, b. May 18, 1787, d. February 9, 1857; m. January 12, 1806 Elizabeth Twyman, b. 1789;
  4. Judith Buford, b. April 4, 1784;
  5. Sarah Buford, b. July 1, 1790, d. Woodford County, KY; m. John H. Baker
  6. Elijah Buford moved from Barren County to Arkansas; wife, two children and Elijah died of yellow fever. 3 children sent back to Barren County to live with relatives. (70)

1) Robert Buford, raised by Mary and Henry Crutcher; 2) Margaret Buford, raised by Mary and Henry Crutcher; 3) Haywood Buford, raised by Joel Depp, mother’s brother;

Simeon Buford’s grave is located atop a hill on Thomas Samson’s farm in western Barren County, and until recently (2000) Simeon and Margaret Kirkley Buford’s graves were unmarked.

Elizabeth Buford m. George Washinton Trabue

Benjamin Franklin Trabue m. Lelia Anderson

Kate Buckner Trabue m. Joseph Underwood Rogers

Lelia Rogers m. Bartlett Graves Dickinson