Buckner Family

Thomas Buckner
John Buckner
Richard Buckner
William Buckner
William Buckner, Jr.
William Aylett Buckner
Jane Buckner
Rev. Henry Thompkins Anderson
Lelia Anderson Trabue
Kate Buckner Trabue Rogers
Lelia Rogers Dickinson

Thomas Buckner

m. Elizabeth Crackplace (16)

John Buckner, b. 1630 in Oxford, England, d. 1698 Essex County, Va. He was granted a land patent of 194 acres in 1667 in Gloucester County, VA; From then on until the time of his death in 1695, he was constantly adding to his landed estate. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1683 and Clerk of Gloucester County; m. Deborah Ferrers on July 10, 1661 in London, England. Deborah was born in 1648, d. 1698;

Richard Buckner , from Essex County, d. March 14, 1733; Clerk of Essex County in 1703 and again in 1712. Clerk of House of Burgesses in 1714; m. Elizabeth Cooke of Gloucester County, daughter of Mordecai Cooke; 7 children;

  1. William Buckner
  2. Richard Buckner, d. 1753; m. Elizabeth Aylett
  3. Ann Buckner
  4. Thomas Buckner
  5. Mary Buckner
  6. Elizabeth Buckner
  7. John Buckner

William Buckner

William Buckner was from “The Neck”, Caroline County, VA; m. Judith Aylett Hawes, a widow of Isaac Hawes; Judith was the daughter of Anne Taylor and William Aylett of King William County; 5 children

  1. William Buckner, Jr.
  2. George Buckner
  3. Richard Buckner
  4. Thomas Buckner
  5. Francis Buckner

William Buckner, Jr.

m. Dorothy “Dolly” Roy of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, daughter of John Guy Roy, b. 1730 Caroline County N.C., d. 1790;

William Aylett Buckner b. February 13, 1766 at the “The Neck”, Caroline County, Virginia; d. June 2, 1830; William was a justice of Caroline County in 1804; m. June 23, 1797, Charlotte Hawes, widow of Richard Henry Buckner. Charlotte was born October 1, 1765, the daughter of Ann Walker and Samuel Hawes, II; 7 children

  1. Jane Buckner
  2. William Smith Bickly Buckner m. Mildred Hawes
  3. Emily Aylette Buckner m. John Ashby
  4. Charlotte Buckner m. David Stuart
  5. Bailey Buckner m. Mildred Strother
  6. Ann Hawes Buckner
  7. Mary Hawes Buckner m. Thomas

Jane Buckner b. July 27, 1808, m. #1 Thomas Hawes - one son; m # 2 Rev. Henry Tompkins Anderson of Kentucky, son of John Burbridge Anderson and Martha Thompkins Anderson; Martha was the daughter of Robert Tompkins and Ann Dickinson Tompkins;

Lelia Anderson b. September 21, 1837 d. February 25,1901;

m. June 12,1855, Benjamin Franklin Trabue b. October 6, 1822, d. November 29, 1905

Kate Buckner Trabue Rogers b. September 28, 1858, d. July 4, 1935;

m. March 19, 1878 Joseph Underwood Rogers b. October 30, 1854, d. October 3, 1936;

Lelia Rogers Dickinson