Metcalfe County, Kentucky

Located about 1 mile north of Highway 90 on 163.


This is a complete listing

Greenup, Ainslie Guest
Parke, Hershel Y.
Rush, Ralph Keeton
Greenup, Mollie Bell
Rush, Herbie D.
Rush, Robert M.
Mann, Mary Ellen
Rush, Liza J.
Rush, Talmadge E.
Parke, Cecil D.
Rush, Maymie Brooks
Shirley, Winnie S.
Parke, Flora Yucatan
Rush, Patricia Olene
Whitlow, Mary I.
Parke, G. Sherman
Rush, Peter R.
Whitlow, C. C.

An earlier transcription has:
Rush, Fanny M.
May 2, 1839
Dec 3, 1917
Rush, Robert Emberton
April 20, 1921
Apr 20, 1921

Unidentified - May be Fanny or Robert Emberton Rush?

There are several field stones here.

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