George Washington Bell Cemetery

Green County, KY

Provided by April Priddy


Bell, Catherine 1838 - .Jan 12, 1852
Bell, Felix
Bell, George W., III 1841 - .Jun 11, 1852
Bell, Sarah Elizabeth Davis Feb 15, 1814 - Abt 1888 w/o Geo W. Bell, Jr
Davis, d/o of E. L. & K. Pepper
Davis, Elihu L. h/o of Katie (Catherine) Pepper b.1784
Davis, Katie (Catherine) Pepper w/o Elihu L. Davis
Pierce, Francis Marion, h/o Ursley Bell Jul 31, 1823 - abt 1875
Pierce, Ursley Bell w/o Francis M. Pierce b. Apr 27, 1842
Rucker, Larkin h/o Lucy Terry May 2, 1783 - May 15, 1860
Sanders, Elisha A. h/o Elizabeth J. Bell b. 1869
Sanders, Froney
Sanders, John T. h/o of Mary (Polly) Bell 1828 - 1898
Sanders, Lonnie Bell (Eliza J.), w/o Elisha A. Sanders b. Aug 25, 1875
Sanders, Mary ( Polly ) Bell, w/o John T, Sanders b.1847
Sanders, Narcissus Perkins
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