Page Cemetery

Barren Co., KY

Located in the Rocky Hill community of Barren County. Take Finney road from Haywood t o Rocky Hill .
The cemetery is located in a field on the left side of the road just before getting to Rocky Hill. It is fenced and well kept..

Button, Clyde C.
Gillock, Scott
Page, Pernie F.
Button, Lou
Gillock, Willard Kimble
Page, Porter B.
Button, Lula S.
Newman, Jane
Page, Tom G.
Button, Squire
Newman, Laura
Page, Thomas G. CAPT CSA
Gillock, Flona Richey
Page, Carrie B.
Page, Virginia A.
Gillock, George M.
Page, Garland
Page, Will Hackney
Gillock, H. P.
Page, Geo. R. PVT CSA
Porter, D. Barclay
Gillock, Hattie M.
Page, Henry
Settle, Franklin
Gillock, John Erskine
Page, Laiah B.
Young, Herbert
Gillock, Rodney Martin
Page, Mary Lizzie
Young, Sadie L.
Gillock, Mrs. S. E.
Page, Maude Dodd
Young William A.
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