Devasher Cemetery

Barren Co., KY


Located north of the Williams farm on a penninsula bounded by Peters Creek. Take US 31-E south
crossing Barren River Reservoir at Peters Creek (second bridge). Turn right near the top of the hill
onto the Williams drive. The cemetery is located .6 mile north, passing the William s home to the
left and the Whitney cemetery located on the left . The lane that leads to this cemetery is
inaccessable by car.
Britt, Eliza
Davasher, Lucy B.
Devasher, John
Britt, George F.
Devasher, A. L.
Devasher, Lizzie C.
Britt, Infant
Devasher, Alexander L.
Devasher, Mary E.
Britt, J. W. W.
Devasher, Bettie C.
Devasher, Robert H.
Britt, Ola
Devasher, Bettie J.
Devasher, W. J.
Britt, Ray
Devasher, Buford
Renfro, William H.
Britt, S. A.
Devasher, Daniel
Spillman, Alice Devasher
Davasher, Andy P.
Devasher, J. T.
Spillman, Charlie
Davasher, Ann P.
Devasher, James A.
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