Green Cemetery

Barren Co., KY


On south bluff of South Fork Creek, about ¼ mile east of Roseville Road. On top of hill, up from a branch, and under a beech tree.
From: The News, Glasgow, Ky., Fri., Dec 24, 1886
Ought To Be Attended To
“Out on the hill near Capt. Carr’s is a lonely grave, which deserves better treatment than it has so far received. It is the grave of Newton Green, a Confederate soldier who died there during the war. Green belonged to the thirty-seventh Tennessee regiment, Company F. One night the regiment went into camp there, and Green was well and hearty. The next morning he was dead. The surgeon was afraid to order his burial, so life-like was the corpse, and cut a piece out of his throat to be sure of the fact. It didn’t bleed, and he ordered the man buried. A grave was dug in five feet of where the dead soldier lay and he was tumbled into it. Our townsman, Mr. Jake Coombs, who belonged to the same command, knew Green well, says he was a good soldier, and has himself put up a modest wooden head-board at the grave of his comrade. The grave of a good soldier deserves a better fate than this.
There is also the grave of a soldier on the lot owned by Mr. J.T. Currie, in the eastern end of town. He was shot for robbery and depredations on Mr. Ed Huggins’ place during the war, and buried where shot.”
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