Fisher Cemetery

Barren Co., KY

From Glasgow take US 249 to Roseville. Turn left at Roseville onto the Elmo Road. Follow this road .6 mile.
The cemetery is located on the left side of the road.
Fisher, Annie T.
Houchens, Nancy J.
Matthews, Hubert
Fisher, J. B.
Jackson, Lizzie Delpha
Matthews, Martha
Fisher, J. R.
Jackson, Mellard
Thompson, Clevland G.
Fisher, John W.
Jones, Floyd H.
Underwood, J. M.
Fisher, Morgan T.
Jones, Peggy
Underwood, J. W.
Fisher, Nettie
Jones, W. L.
Underwood, Lola Irine
Fisher, Susan T.
Kinslow, David A.
Underwood, Mary F.
Fisher, Susie Wells
Lowe, Ary
Underwood, Matildy F.
Grizzle, Mary E.
Lowe, Frank
Underwood, R. H.
Harrison, Inf of Crit & Ora
Lowe, J. T.
Wheeler, Henry M.
Harrison, Isabella
Lowe, Luther
Wheeler, Mary Ellen Fisher
Harrison, Yandel K.
Lowe, Sarah
Wheeler, May Tyree
Houchens, Alex
Lowe, Zada
Wheeler, William Joseph
Matthews, Florida E.
An earlier transcription also had: Haynes, ?; d. May 16, 1928 (not found in Ky Death Index?)
Haynes, ?; d. May 16, 1928 (not found in Ky Death Index?)
Lowe, Joe; 1885 - 1952
?, Claud
?, Frona
?, Tom
?, Walter
Field Stones

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